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Samwel Kongere And Family

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A man form the lake

I love making friends and seeing different people at every different stage, I love merciful people, loving and caring people.Things which matter most must never be at the mercy of things which matter least.

 I am not employed by any organization but does community networking and manage a family by doing local researh to a think tank laboratory based in Lithuania. I have my children and a loving wife. Taking care of other total orphans living with us. 
Come and vist us when you are at the shores of the Lake Victoria.

 I have developed more interests in IT and wireless internet. It is about technology at work and experimenting ideas of WiFi connection as taken my apple time connect my Isolated community.

 Our goal is to have a network of WiFi "access points" in Rusinga Island that connect computers to one or more Internet access centers. Normally an "access point" might cover a 100 meter radius but it is possible to adapt them so that they cover 1 kilometer or more. This is a little bit complicated and more expensive than we can do now. But it would mean that everybody in our island could have Internet access because the "access points" can share access with each other. So it is a good goal to connect five identified access points. 

 The services will include; research on sustainable business practices appropriate to the region, Promotion of sustainable agriculture such as the Integrated Farming practices, Soybean marketing and others,  Network Augmentation and empowerment,  Augmentation of existing analysis and information collection tools etc. We have determined that there is a critical mass of people who have an understanding of ICT and see its potential to transform their lives. The next step would be to carefully consider what ICT and more specifically what wireless can offer to this region. Because we want to be sure that our intent and process is clear for investing in whatever we invest in so that it has the desired outcome and is not simply overblown hype. After the rationale for promoting a wireless is clearly put forward, we can explore the resources within our network such as the World Summits and other conferences.

    Our first goal could be to try to simply set up a local WiFi access point so that two computers could talk to each other. They would not be connected to the Internet but they would be connected to each other. For example, it could be your computer and a laptop. We could practice to see how far away you can move your laptop and still get a signals. I think it would be most ideal to consider the conditions in the region of intervention as you want to design its experience as you say below so that it has practical use and so this might mean locating facilities that might fit the criteria.



The area where  we come from, the lake Victoria and our home picture below


Welcome to Rusinga Island

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