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Samwel Kongere And Family

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My Career
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Samwel Janam

Read through my Life History and enjoy.

My career started when I was a very small boy. I was herding my Father's cattle at a very tender age and i found it enjoying,we had to play with other chidren and life was very good. We didn't know that there will be life trying periods in our future times

I attended primary school as any other Kenyan child and went to  secondary the usual way people do.Life started changing when my Father went away and left us for 10 years.We could not go to school well and we were always sent home for school fees and this made us not to do well in Exams.

Given, my mother was only pulling peoples nets to feed us in most cases we could miss meals and eat once a day only supper and we could not grow well, suffering from scabies,malnutrition such like dieases.

 In this note I just wanted to share with you the needs and what advice you can give to the   family.  We really see a dim future considering the education of the children when they finish their primary or basic grades. Many children can do well in primary school and fail to continue to high school due to the expensive fees the secondary schools charge. This demoralizes the young children and they fail to put much effort in their studies for they predict their education status earlier when they see the level of the family’s income. This will automatically give them a clear picture of their future.

 Secondly, we need money for cereals business where we need to expand and construct a small store for our stock and corrugated rental houses where we can get something on monthly basis to feed the children (food and clothes) it can also produce some savings which again will help in their future educational needs.

Can we ignore what is taking place around us just because things might look somehow too Huge and Unique in our lives…Can we say that may be Next year we will confront it much more better than this year!!. Can we ignore what we need to do right now to save the situation that may be we will do it tomorrow? Time is not constant and this is why I am sharing this with you.  " Is the glass half full or half empty? Neither; I just keep filling it up. Be happy. Think positive. Life is a great experience for all to enjoy. When the glass loses water, it's up to you to fill it up. Put some flavor in there and enjoy the taste. It's FANTASTIC!!"

I have been  a community volunteer for eight years doing social work with an international NGO based here and has given me more experience in the community regarding Health, economic setup, social interaction and Education.

This was a broken background to me and I don’t want it to happen to the loving children we have here after the disserting experience, I didn’t acquire any employment. As one of the parents in christian children's fund project here I volunteered and elected secretary the last two years. This was the avenue to my computer studies when they gave me a small support. I have done the basic office packages and wish to continue with the information technology by doing computer engineering or something to help in becoming an online Volunteer to my community, I have als prolonged the experience by taking a training course in Community based development health, this is  something which will give me proffesional approach to the fast moving community development advancement.

 I therefore appeal to willing persons or sponsors to support me and take me through this life hurdle, to help other needy people and vulnerable People in the community in the society. Someone who can give a few dollars for this support will really have helped the many vulnerable people around me, especially the youths and children.

You can extend your  help to this family throgh the following areas

  • To expand the existing cereals business.
  • Build some small houses for renting.
  • Fund the Community based development center for the youths which is an upcoming initiative started by me. 
  • Help save for the children to proceed to high school .

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