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Udogo Youth development Group
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Clean Up the World



Udogo Youth Development Group has become a member of the community-led global environment campaign, Clean Up the World, joining the estimated 35 million volunteers in over 100 countries around the world who clean up, fix up and conserve their local environment.


“In Mbita we will be organizing A Clean up of waste behind residential houses, waste collection within the Pathways, roadways in Mbita Town and all over Mbita e.g. to improve our local environmental problem and doing Education to people about how to conserve our environment. It will help our community in knowing the essence of putting waste where it is supposed to be, to control plastic waste from floating to the Lake; which can cause the death of fish, can cause diseases and pollute our environment “said Mr. Samwel Kongere from Udogo Youth Development group.  


“Our aim is to get rid of the plastic, debris, electrical, syringes, etc which pollute our environment and in the long run have a defined damping site, look ways of how to recycle the waste, live in a clean community which can attract tourists, Initiate environmental programs which can be held yearly and educate the community on environmental pollution hazards and we hope we will have the support of people in the community as possible. Udogo Youth Development Group is proud to be cleaning up our part of the world and we urge everyone to join us and make a real difference,” continued Samwel Kongere. 


Clean Up the World Chairman and Founder, Ian Kiernan AO congratulates Udogo Youth Development Group on joining Clean Up the World and their plans to clean up their local environment.


“I wish Udogo Youth Development Group a successful campaign. Congratulations for taking the first step towards making your community a cleaner healthier place for all to enjoy. Udogo Youth Development Group is an excellent example of how we can make a difference of helping solve the world’s environmental problems by taking action on a local level”, said Mr. Kiernan.


In 2005 Clean Up the World is encouraging the participants to pay your particular attention to the state of world’ cities and urban communities. Members are encouraged to focus on creating greener cities and community by looking at their streets, parks, waterways, and roadways and how they can reduce the waste within their community.


Clean up the World originated in Sydney, Australia in 1993 and is held in partnership with United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP). The campaign brings together businesses, community groups, schools, governments, and individuals to undertake activities to improve water quality clean up local streets, parks, waterways and forests and Educate children about the environment.


Globally the campaign’s Patron is Foundation d’Enterprise Viola Environnment and Global media Partner is National Geographic Channels International. Qantas is the Official Airline and the Sponsor and the Australian Government, through its department of Foreign Affairs and Trade is A supporter of Clean Up the World.


For information on Clean Up the World in Mbita Town Contact:

Samwel Okech Kongere, P.O. BOX 191, MBITA 40305, KENYA



 The 2005 Activity Summary

CUW values your input and would love to hear about your environmental activities and achievements. The information you provide here will enable CUW to profile your initiatives in the annual Activity Report, on the CUW website, in resources produced for sponsors and as content in CUW media releases. Information should be received before December 31st to ensure it is included in the Activity Report. Please use the following questions as a guide and feel free to provide any additional information - use extra pages if necessary.




Name of Member organization Udogo youth development Group


Name of coordinator/contact person


Samwel Okech Kongere

P.O. Box 191,

MBITA-40305 Kenya


Country Kenya



1. Please describe each of the Clean Up the World activities and/or projects you held this year. Include dates and the number of volunteers involved. Please use extra pages as necessary


  1. Udogo youth development Group organized a tree planting day on 5th June 2005 to commemorate the UNEP environmental day. 40 youths, 60 Women, 12 teachers and 100 children were involved in planting more than 300 seedlings all a long the Rusinga Island Ring Road.
  2. The members involved in the outreach to the community and training of the community in Maintaining the fish beaches from 30th August 2005 t0 8th September 2005 by making them clean, observing the proper ways of sanitation all over Rusinga island which is surrounded by many fish beaches and most people don’t observe proper sanitation, members moving to the field for their   community outreaches.
  3. On the clean up the world  weekend of September 16th-18th 2005 the members participated very bravely at Mbita Boat landing Bay to Clean Mbita point of Suba district with a slogan of “HELP CLEAN MBITA POINT BOAT LANDING BAY”. It was the first clean up prgrramme in Mbita Town, a small fishing town in south-western part of Kenya at the shores of Lake Victoria.



2. Please describe the location(s) of your activities. For example, why did you choose the location? Is the area of natural or cultural significance? Are there any unique or important geographical features?


  1. The Mbita Boat landing bay was chosen after very many consultations together with the Local Authority here to get rid of the waste filtering the area,  Mbita has no proper waste deposal area and having a demonstration here was meant getting attention of many Fishermen coming daily to sell their catch from different Islands,
  2. It is also an area where many travelers coming across Mbita Town towards the Islands pass through and use the landing bay: the wastes has been a great nuisance for people moving in with their fish catch and commuters from other parts of the country.
  3. The plastic and electric wastes here have become a danger to fish and other marine inhabitants. They die sometimes from choking and this can be experienced from the many floating fish over some known mornings, and when filleted can be seen the wastes after night choking. To the fishermen also they interfere with the nets i.e. catching the wastes instead of the fish itself!
  4. Due to the above reasons the demonstration of making the area clean could make the Town’s local authority to help address the situation, it could also help them in identifying an area for proper waste disposal or make them see the need of organizing a recycling system for the waste.
  5. The area itself could also serve as a tourist site if properly cared for, the members thought they could use the area in demonstrating their arts products and even use some wastes to make some valuable art products for income generating.
  6. We also wanted to show the world and our community that caring for our environment is very important to maintain our health and the natural resources we have.

3. What environmental problems and issues did you concentrate on?

The plastic and electric wastes here have become a danger to fish and other marine inhabitants. They die sometimes from choking and this can be experienced from the many floating fish over some known mornings, and when filleted can be seen the wastes after night choking. To the fishermen also they interfere with the nets i.e. catching the wastes instead of the fish itself! And the general cleanliness of our Town will make us get much revenue and Visitors.


4. If you held a Clean Up event:

How much waste was collected (by weight)? The waste collected was something in the tune of 1 ton


What were the main types of waste collected (e.g. plastic, glass, paper)?


 Plastic and paper wastes


Was any of the waste recycled?                    No       If yes, please indicate what materials


We have electricity but the recycling machines are expensive for the group to purchase but recycling these wastes can make the area attractive as the area local council prepares to have a better waste disposal area.

5. List/describe any other events or environment campaigns that your activities were linked with.


Tree planting, primary health care, Malaria control and environmental campaigns. The volunteers helped plant trees donated by the Ministry of Natural resources and environment. 200 Trees planted a long the government offices


6. List any celebrities, local politicians or other prominent people who assisted your CUW activities. If possible, provide a quote (quote may be used for promotional purposes)


Local Area Councilors Kefa Odundo Onyango, Samuel Orwa, Town council Chairman and Town Clerk “HELP CLEAN MBITA POINT MBITA BOAT LANDING BAY


7. Describe the support you received from your local and national media. Please specify media type i.e. print, radio, television and if possible, attach copies of media coverage received and your media contact


Given that we live in the rural area there was no proper media coverage even though we had approached them before the event, there was only the road announcements using loud speakers all round before the event and after the event of clean up the world. The local authority supported in giving us coverage in announcing the event in district meetings and given a vehicle for the purpose of announcement.


P.O. BOX 347,




8. List your primary sponsors’ names



Chairman Mbita point town council


9. List/describe how being a part of CUW has impacted on your community.

(E.g. improved environmental awareness, cleaner local environment, fewer health problems, increased recycling)


Being part of clean up the world has made our community aware of their safer environment.


After mobilization the communities can now eye ways of finding means of recycling the wastes to have them live in a clean environment to maintain better health standards, it has improved their environmental awareness.


The local Authority has identified a waste disposal area and this will help in minimizing the waste all over


We also wish to maintain and hope the fish won’t die now due to choking because we will help burn or make compost from the wastes and improve on the causes.



10. Have your activities influenced any community or government environmental policies? Please provide details


The government is soon becoming up with a community environmental day to address the environmental hazards.


On the other had the community will now have to maintain by giving the clean up event a priority by selecting days for such environmental concerns


11. Please give details of any interesting or inspiring stories that happened as part of your activities. (Attach photos and extra paper if necessary. Please note photographs may be used for promotional purposes)


After finding the area to clean up the members were happy to identify some hidden places for mosquito breeding sites/areas, it made the entire team to rest down after a thorough spray of the mosquito breeding site you can see them holding Sprayer.


12. Do you have any other comments about the resources and support provided by Clean Up the



It was very good to get the materials; the clean up the world can continue giving samples and you can as well help member organizations to get the international sponsors to help in short term promotions while they steady up.


13. Do you have any other comments, suggestions, or ideas to assist Clean up the World?



The materials were few and getting the sponsors for such a short time is not easy, we therefore hope next time the samples for the posters can come earlier to help in earlier preparation.


The member organizations can also make suggestions to be put on the posters/T-shirts and these can help the local community realize the group or organization is taking part in the community locally not having a poster and a T-shirt from some event in another part of the globe.


We need proper modifications for identification i.e. certificates to us more official in our own dealing with other environmentalists. Official recognition international a ward.


We therefore wish to send you some suggestions for our promotional samples later if you agree with this suggestion


Please complete this form after your event and return to:

Clean Up the World Pty Ltd


Post: 18 Bridge Road, Glebe NSW 2037 Australia Fax: +61 2 9692 0761 Email:




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