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Udogo Youth development Group
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udogo vision project 2005 And beyond

ICT facillity 


The youth and women development vision project of Udogo youth development group is pleased to submit a project proposal to purchase computer equipment and solar power system. We are submitting this proposal as apart as a larger multi-faceted project to construct an equipped multi-purpose training, sales, and production facility.


Our goal is to create sustainable businesses to provide employment and training to local residents and to support HIV/AIDS orphans. The computer related aspect of the project will provide income generating activities, training, and tools to better manage the larger project at hand.


Currently Waware village on Rusinga Island where Udogo Operates has very a high unemployment rate and start up capital is inaccessible. Villagers are not making enough money to support their families and the left behind orphaned children. By constructing a facility that contains a computer room, a craft making shop, train in computers and use computers to help sell crafts and other services. The three elements (computers, crafts, production shop, and gift shop) will share business relationships that will help create several sustainable businesses and provide skills and steady employment to local people. A percentage of the monthly profits will be systematically given to orphans and other vulnerable children needing this assistance.


We are asking self-help support to provide computer (6 desktop computers, 1 laptop and 1 printer) and a solar power system. We will use the computers to support income-generating activities (training people, printing services, tags for crafts, etc), to build and maintain an e-commerce/information/donation for project Website, and manage both the craft business and the orphan program.


The group will provide a community contribution through a scholarship program that will sponsor at least six residents for intensive computer training. The project management team, including the collaborators and the government administration department will be accountable for the project funds. In other words no withdrawal can be made without the knowledge of responsible government department.


Your consideration of this proposal is very much appreciated .For more information, please contact


udogo youth development group * Rusinga Island * P.O Box 191* Mbita 040305* Kenya