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Udogo Youth development Group
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UDOGO YOUTH DEVELOPMENT GROUP WAS FORMED TO bring development in the community and expand on the resources to bring changes in the community. So far Udogo has engaged in the malaria control in collaboration with Rusinga island child and family program which is a community based organization. The project represents an innovative approach to examine the effect of alternative policies and interventions on malaria burden in an endemic area of Western Kenya .It’s built on recently established community-based initiatives in SUBA DISTRICT.   To implement and evaluate rigorous and effective malaria vector control in Rusinga Island through community awareness, participation, behavioral changes, and systematic implementation.Rusinga is home to approximately 20,000 members of isolated, under developed and highly disadvantaged community in Western KENYA where malaria is stable and endemic but nevertheless readily vulnerable to the concerted attack through systematic vector control.   UDOGO youth development group has taken the initiative to an integrated program of behavior change, systematic vector control, and environmental management on Rusinga Island by harnessing the existing implementation mechanisms using a novel community empowerment strategy will be contacted. Specifically three aims will be fulfilled:  
     To facilitate empowerment of the Rusinga community through increased participation in local health and on environmental policy formulation and implementation. An interactive partnership linking this isolated community to relevant national and international partners will be established. Program of training, education local policy development and technology transfer will be implemented through a novel institutional frame work that connects the local people’s decision making and action to the relevant and up- to-date information and skills in the national and international healthcare community. The effect of this program on local attitudes, priorities and policies will be evaluated and then compared and contrasted these with current national and internal norms.

2)      To demonstrate the effectiveness of community-implemented malaria control by targeting larvae stages of mosquitoes.
3)      To develop an institutional framework and strong national capacity for the consolidation and replication of local health coalitions and communal malaria control initiatives.    UDOGO YOUTH GROUP where I am a member is one of the local partners. Do you hope to become one of the partners? Find me on the contact page and learn more about this isolated ISLAND RUSINGA on the shores of Lake Victoria.  

Other Projects

In response to the HIV/AIDS epidemic, dozens of community-based organizations in Suba District and the surrounding areas have been established to deliver services to people living with HIV/AIDS, increased total orphans, Semi-orphans and other vulnerable ones. Udogo youth group responded to this HIV/AIDS epidemic by serving as a primary source of information to community.  Subsequently, the Udogo youth development group of Rusinga island was formally created in 1996 with grants from the Christian Children’s Fund, with additional trainings from the organization which is a CBO working in Rusinga island in providing vital services to the members until 2004. Udogo youth has an outreach programs involved in enlightening community on HIV/AIDS prevention, malaria control programs, deworming, under five growths monitoring, monitoring pregnant mothers, community education, trainnings on primary health care programs and agro-forestry tackling Environment problems.

Moreover, this group was formed to make the community understand themselves and develop from whatever natural resources they have, designed as a means of putting community based youth organizations in touch with an extensive knowledge of their community and the world at large. It was designed on the premise that information will support and strengthen those people affected by infectious diseases, poverty, and illitracy, children dropping out of school (especially girls), child survival, and those who cannot provide for their needs.


Is dedicated to enhancing the health, Education, and eradication of poverty to the public and, in particular, to addressing issues in primary health care.

The group is a leader in the field of primary Health care, child and family development issues, and an independent voice to advance the well being of all people. With the help from Christian children's Fund the group therefore has a wider experience on primary health care, HV/AIDS prevention, behaviour change programme, child survival, tree planting as one of the largest projects going on now in the island, and Christian children's fund is the only single international organization but community based and their trainings to the community is Proven, this is where Udogo members were nurtured and we need support to help the community that is so far ravaged by poverty and lack of infrastructure and luck of proper medical care.

We therefore registered with the ministry of culture, gender, and sports to help network this community through Education and behavior change. This needs a center of a community resource where they can be mobilized to identify their conditions, which can be very educative and people can be gathered to learn the available importance of the resources: this is where Udogo members can manage and open it to the general understanding of the local and international community.

The Udogo development Group maintains strong relationship with community and important collections in areas associated with HIV/AIDS such as fish beaches which are scattered all over the island and has out of school energetic young men and women with experience in HIV/AIDS related information resources. Since its inception, the information services and technical support has been given through seminars and workshops held around here, this advantage is due to Udogo being a composite group formed with members all over the island and enlighten out of school youths.

We are still not stationed, don’t have an office and when we get funds we would like to have a cultural center and community resource facility in Rusinga Island where we can educate the community to understand their hidden wealth of resource.


udogo youth development group * Rusinga Island * P.O Box 191* Mbita 040305* Kenya