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Udogo Youth development Group
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Udogo youth development group was started by seven young men who finished school and could not acquire employment. Their time was mostly settled on how the community can become self efficient and having sustainable projects with the available resources

This took a period of eight years to make them come up with solutions to help update the community poverty level through Education and creating several awareness to make the community understand their poverty situations and child youth upbringing. 

So far, Udogo group has managed to do the following activities, HIV/Aids awareness programmes, less than five growth monitoring, primary health care, Malaria control programs-mainly the larvae control in Rusinga Island and agro-forestry which is currently focused with the UNDP. 


We work closely with Children’s organizations, Youth groups and Women development groups to meet the community specific needs. By meeting with group leader’s representives and volunteers to ensure that their requirements are met. Typically the Group wishes to develop community and Environmental exposure in:

         Raising self esteem and professional skills among the children, youths and adults.

  • Gain a national recognition on Malaria prevention and control, Hiv/Aids prevention, awareness and Behaviour change among the youths, children and adults.
  • Develop a community resource centre and Educational rescource facility. A  center, where community members can get exposure and skills, recreation and Rescouce Education.
  • Reduce poverty: by creating a fund for the group and Improve team working skills among members.
  • Home based care program for People living with Hiv/Aids, Orphan caring and Education.

We aim to get all the young people, energetic women who will bring the commmunity needs to a front with us together meet our objective number one and whenever possible Our volunteership is hard work but very rewarding to the community development and it is important to inform everybody of what  we are involved in.

Members support each other through monthly merry go- rounds; they are fellow heart sufferers and carers. They can talk to each other like professionals or Counselors ever could.
They have shared similar experiences and pain for the last eight years. New members can see how well other members are progressing. This is when they start to learn that there is a life after volunteering to support their community and is a much healthier move for sustaining community projects! New members are always welcome; there is absolutely no obligation for you to join our Group or groups to work with our development agency on youth, children and adults in development.

 Just come to any of our Meetings and make you known. You will receive a warm welcome! The Group covers all the vast Rusinga Island - Mbita area, but anyone not living in this area can come as a collaborator or partner, feel most welcome.



The people from the Lake,

udogo youth development group * Rusinga Island * P.O Box 191* Mbita 040305* Kenya