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The people from the Lake Victoria

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 welcome to this wonderful site from LAKE VICTORIA

My career started with the need of the community after sensing there was no employment in our country Kenya. As the newly school leavers we saw the need to start volunteering to help our community in enlightens and education. This was supposed to be on community awareness on use on the available resources. Our area has water and people were not doing agriculture due to hot weather which prevailed throughout the year, we saw the sense to sensitize the community towards this goal in development.


Since year 2001, I have been trying to see this goal come true. Volunteered to support the children at one of the community based organizations in our area, this has given me more opportunity to learn more about the community. I have been doing field work on pregnancies, under five, malaria control, and all primary health care elements.


I have interest in becoming a WiFi expert more about IT and now moving to help more on community based devevelopment. This is going to mix with the help to the community in acquiring the modern skills in community development and super highway technology of communications, by using computers and international online to the internet in comparision to other communities, being much interested in training on wireless connection and cotent management.


My hope is to become an opinion man in using the computers and go deeper to master more on the community by using the modern awareness online. The only hope I want to pray and achieve is advanced level in computer studies and become the next step in community development.

 I am very happy to tell you people my hobbies. Iam a family man and i love my family. I love letter writing,swiming, watching football,making friends and exchanging visits.i love learning and inventing new things.



This is SAMWEL KONGERE -A man from the lake