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The people from the Lake Victoria

Donate for help for orphans international school

Udogo Youth Development Group
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Donate for help for orphans international school
samwel the preacher

You can visit our  suport form and donate something to the needy children, thanks in advance for the gratitude 

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I am glad if you can be willing to support the children, so they can get their future Education, many children are dropping out of school in our country due to the parents economic background and more remaining orphans. Our children  goes to school in primary and sometimes they miss lessons due to meals and proper clothing.
The many guardians sells cereals, fish and this is where the families gets their daily bread even though, the invested money cannot allow a happy living to the children and the caregivers.It is Hard and tedious and every evening the children are tide and cannot  play.We therefore need suport to expand this small businesses, have a school for orphans where they can board and small donations for food and books for learning.
The idea is to make the children see love and get quality education at the same time. We are already set to start and soon our school will a link to our contributors towards this family will be so much appriciated and donate to help a vulnerable soul.

You can sponsor vulnerable children:

  • Children's Education
  • Donate food to vulnerable children
  • Fund the community Information technology center.