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The people from the Lake Victoria

Udogo Youth Development Group
Udogo Youth Development Group
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The group is a community based organization

 Udogo youth development group was started by seven young men who finished school and could not arquire employment. Their time was mostly settled on how the community can become self efficient and having sustainable projects.
This took a period of eight years to make them come up with solutions to help update the community through Education and creating several awareness to make the commmunity understand their poverty situation.
So far, Udogo group has managed to do the following activities, Hiv/Aids awareness programmes, Underfive growth monitroting, Primary health care, Malaria control programs-mainly the larvae control in Rusinga Island and agro-forestry with the UNDP.


In response to the HIV/AIDS epidemic, dozens of community-based organizations in Suba District and the surrounding areas have been established to deliver services to people living with HIV/AIDS and to their loved ones.  Udogo youth group responded to this HIV/AIDS epidemic by serving as a primary source of information to community.  Subsequently, the Udogo youth delopment group of Rusinga island was formally created in 1996 with grants from the Christian Children's  Fund , with additional trainings from the organization which is a CBO working in Rusinga island in providing vital services to the members until 2004. 

Udogo youth has an outreach programs involved in enlighting community on HIV/AIDS prevention,malaria control programs,deworming, underfive growth monitoring, monitoring pregnant mothers,community education,trainnings on primary health care programs and agro-forestry dealing with Environment  and this group was formed to make the community understand themselves and develop from whatever natural resources they have, designed as a means of putting community based youth organizations in touch with an extensive knowledge of their community and the world at large. It was designed on the premise that information will support and strengthen those people affected by infectious diseases, poverty,illitracy, children dropping out of school, child survival and those who cannot provide for their needs.

 UDOGO YOUTH DEVELOPMENT GROUP is dedicated to enhancing the health,Education and eradication of poverty to the public and, in particular, to addressing issues in primary health care.

The group is a leader in the field of primary Health care,child and family development issues , and an independent voice to advance the well being of all people. With the help from Christian children's Fund the group therefore has  a wider experience on primary health care,HV/AIDS prevention,behaviour change programme, child survival,tree planting as one of the largest projects going on now in the island, and christian children's fund is the only  single international organization but community based and their trainings to the community is proven , this is  where Udogo members and we need help to help the community which so far ravaged by poverty and lack infrustructure and luck of proper medical care.

We therefore registered with the ministry of culture, gender and sports to help network this  community through Education and behaviour change.This needs a centre of a community resource where they can be mobilized to know their conditions, which can be very educative and people can be gather to  learn the available resources and this is Udogo members can manage and  open it to the general public.

The Udogo maintains strong relationship with community and important collections in areas associated with HIV/AIDS such as fish beaches which are scatered all over the island and has out of school energetic young men and women  with experience in HIV/AIDS related information resources. Since its inception, the information services and technical support have been provided through seminars and workshops held around here, this advantage is due to Udogo being a composite group formed with members all over the island and enlighted out of school youths.

We are still not stationed and when we get funds we would have a cultural centre in Rusinga where we can train the community.

You contact us through our coodinator,

Samwel Okech Kongere

P.o Box 191, MBITA 40305


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