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The people from the Lake Victoria

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The children and the parents wish you a proud smile when browsing over this website.

The chidren in this site and the rest need somebody to support them in their day to day  undertakings and future education.

The children who need your support most

The on looking child for help

 the magnificent site of lake victoria region, whhere birds are  seen and tourists visit

mary cathline okech

the man from the lake

Gathered for gifts

 the children are getting their christmas gifts

Western Kenya is one of Kenya's  least known and visited regions. The area has a lot to offer visitors and is an undiscovered world of wonders. The west coast is endlessly diverse and has lush green highlands, tropical rainforests, the great expanse of Lake Victoria - the legendary source of the Nile, and much, much more. The region is home to fascinating cultures, mythology and a history that lives and breathes in sacred sites and thriving traditional festivals. Stunning landscapes, wonderful wildlife, adventures, birdwatching and more all await the visitor to Kenya's west coast. 


The children at school

some where at the lake shore there is a national park come visit me and i'll take you there!!